The best eyebrow shape and colour creates a more refined, youthful and finished appearance. Whatever your concern, there is an eyebrow solution for you.

To achieve perfect results, a follow up appointment within 1–2 months of your initial enhancement treatment is recommended to make any necessary perfecting adjustments. The follow up appointment is complimentary but must be completed within 3 months of your initial treatment.


Digital 3D Nano Hair Stroke Eyebrows

This technique is for those who are eager to improve the look of their eyebrows with a very natural looking result. Special ultra sharp nano needles are used that are the diameter and dimension of a single hair. Digital hair strokes provide more precision and accuracy than microblading. The process uses a digital pen with a single flexible needle that produces one hair stroke at a time creating a more natural and crisp result. The depth and evenness of the colour placement is accurately measured by the action of the machine which results in a consistency that cannot be accomplished by hand with a microblade tool. With microblading the pins used to create the blade shape are more rigid than the flexible ones used for nano hairstrokes and therefore cannot be as precise. You’ll get a more effective outcome with digital machine hairstrokes as it involves less trauma to the skin with less risk of the pigment being implanted too deeply. Digital machine eyebrows require fewer touch ups and last longer than microbladed brows and is suitable for most skin types.

Digital Soft Microshaded Powdered and Ombre Eyebrows

Microshading is a technique that creates a soft powdered effect that resembles eyebrow powder with no harsh front or outline. This technique gradually builds up colour and defines shape. Achieving an Ombre look is an option with this procedure, if desired. Microshaded brows are best for anyone who wants a more “done” look. This is a perfect procedure for oily skin and is very effective for covering old permanent brows.

Digital 3D Nano and Powdered Hybrid Combo Eyebrows

This technique incorporates both methods of hair stroke and microshading to create the most defined look. This method creates the illusion of both natural eyebrow hair and brow powder creating very realistic results. It is a perfect technique for recreating lost eyebrows.