One of the greatest advantages of permanent eyeliner is that and you always have a beautiful shape that is professionally drawn. Permanent eyeliner can be applied on either lower or upper line or both. Eyeliner enhances symmetry and creates the illusion of larger, brighter and more youthful looking eyes. If you love the look of a fuller lash line, but lack the necessary steady hand to create your own, then this is for you. 


To achieve perfect results, a follow up appointment within 1–2 months of your initial enhancement treatment is recommended to make any necessary perfecting adjustments. The follow up appointment is complimentary but must be completed within 3 months of your initial treatment.


Digital Lashline Enhancement
With Digital LashLine Ehnancement, the lashline is augmented with pigment tight to the eyelashes to create the appearance of fuller, darker lashes.
This creates a natural, youthful, eye-opening effect without that lined, obvious makeup look.

Digital Eyeliner
Custom designed and styled during consultation. We specialize in very natural liner and we do not recommend winged or thick liner.