Define your lip line and add fullness and color to your lips. Say goodbye to smudging, fading, streaking, and flaking lipstick. PMU can correct asymmetry and add definition and fullness. The perfect lip shape is precise and perfectly balanced with your features. Digital Pigment Infusion enhances your natural lip color, perfects your lip shape, and discreetly redefines and refines your natural lip border to give you a fresh and youthful look. PMU de-emphasizes age lines around the lips and corrects the fading colour that is associated with aging. 


To achieve perfect results, a follow up appointment within 1–2 months of your initial enhancement treatment is recommended to make any necessary perfecting adjustments. The follow up appointment is complimentary but must be completed within 3 months of your initial treatment.


Digital Lip Blush
Lip blush enhances the beauty of your natural lip colour, improves the shape of the lips and creates the illusion of fullness. This technique discreetly perfects your lip line and delivers very natural youthful results.

Digital Full Lip Pigmentation
Boost the pigmentation and form of the lips. Aside from having a lip colour that won’t fade or smudge, full lip pigmentation also defines the shape of the lips and
will make them look fuller while maintaining the colour of your choice all day. No more bleeding lipstick and no more reapplying lipstick and lip liner.

Digital Lip Liner
As we get older, the definition and youthful 3D effect of the lip flattens. As the colour fades the crispness of the natural border diminishes. This makes the lips look smaller and faded. Digital Lip Liner infuses pigment around the vermilion border of the lips resulting in fuller, balanced and redefined lips, instantly taking years off our face.